Updated November 15th, 2012 with NEW Beryl Specimens!

DEN156rusemerald.jpg (62687 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-39 NEW!

Green semi-translucent Beryl var. Emeralds on schistic matrix from Russia!
From the Malyshevo Mine, Yekaterina Oblast, Ural Mountains, Russia.
Measures 5 cm by 11 cm in size.

Price $350


Tucson2008-204morganite.jpg (45890 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-40 NEW!

Floater specimen of light pink Morganite crystals!
The backside of this specimen is completely rehealed from a natural fracture
that happened millions of years ago. I see no points of reattachment anywhere.
From Rondu, Skardu, Northern Areas of Pakistan.
Measures 6 cm by 4 cm in size.

Price $645


TUC2007-162chinaemerald.jpg (20673 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-41 NEW!

Beryl var. Emerald crystal on matrix!
This fine Emerald measures 2 cm in length and comes complete with a pyramidal termination!
From the Panshir Valley of Afghanistan.
Measures 2.4 cm by 1.8 cm in size.

Price $685


TUC2004-98namibianaquaschorl.jpg (48416 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-44 NEW!

Beryl var. Aquamarine crystals with a huge Schorl Tourmaline!
Small blue Aquamarine crystals on Albite with shiny, black Schorl!
From the Erongo Mountains in Namibia, SW Africa.
8 cm by 6 cm in size.
Price $250


TUC2007-266brazilemerald.jpg (28444 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-49 NEW!

Impressive cluster of Emerald crystal in Quartz and Schist!
While these crystals may not be gemmy, they are large and well formed!
From Carnaiba, Campo Formoso District, Bahia, Brazil.
Measures 3.3 cm by 3.2 cm in size.

Price $485


AftDen2004-201namibiaaqua.jpg (18669 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-50 NEW!

Fine attached crystals of Beryl var. Aquamarine with a bit of Albite!
From the Erongo Mountains in Namibia, SW Africa.

Measures 3.3 cm by 4.2 cm in size.
Price $245


TUC2007-114erongo.jpg (33793 bytes)

MIN#Beryl-53 NEW!

Gem Aquamarine crystals in cluster!
From the Erongo Mountains in Nambia, SW Africa.
Measures 3.6 cm by 3.6 cm in size.

Price $450

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